The broker job is often described as very tough, with many long working days.

How do you succeed as a broker? Ask Alex.

The broker job is often described as very tough, with many long working days. But it will be easier. It is a known thing by Alex who has worked as a broker at our agency for two years. “I had a really hard half year myself when I started. My advice to the new one is to focus on oneself and their goals. Be patient and try to think long-term. ” Just the long-term perspective is something Alex likes to return to. He saw his first time as an exercise period where he laid the foundation for a long career.” Visit as many houses as possible, the more visits you have, the more chances you get on selling. See each visit as an opportunity to practice. At the beginning, it’s very important to get out and meet customers. ” To succeed as a broker means not just getting started and earning money, but also finding a good balance between work and leisure.” Keep in mind that the career is long and you’ll drive all the way. There is a lot to do, especially at the beginning, But we may all be better at really resting and collecting energy when it’s calmer. ” It did not take long for Alex to discover the value of being recommended. Now he does not have to struggle as hard for each customer anymore. On the question of Alex choosing a single piece of advice for new brokers, the answer will be quick: “Feedback. This is the most important thing to get satisfied customers, which in turn leads to recommendations.”

How do you meet more customers by working smarter? Ask Maria.

From the beginning, Maria felt that the brokerage was perfect for her, but that was when she moved to our agency and specialized in selling. “At my previous workplace I had several areas. At first I was a little nervous at the thought that the change would mean just having one. Would it mean half as many sales? But it soon showed that it was just the opposite”, says Maria. It did not take long for Maria. She made her first deal after four days. Maria is convinced that just the specialization has been very important to her success. “With my knowledge of the area, I make a better impression with both sellers and buyers. I have another credibility and weight that causes me to take home more business. The sellers note that I have a look at how preschools are, where buses go and how long the supermarket is open”. In a long-term perspective, Maria believes that it is good to focus on an area. “In this way, I get great opportunities to build a qualitative network. Certainly, I work for this agency but I also think of having my own brand some day. To succeed as a broker you need a good network and get recommendations. If you work in a smaller area, it’s much faster to be recognized. ” Maria has also discovered that she not only earns more money now, but also works less for them. “Before working here, I worked all day, but now I realized that it was because I had time for wrong things. Now I get a completely different help with administration and other things that take time, but the smaller the area is, makes me meet more customers in one day. In principle, I can be anywhere in my area within 15 minutes”, says Maria.

How do you work at our agency and have your own deals? Ask Kerstin.

Kerstin became a broker four years ago and started working at our agency directly. Now, she completed her franchisee training and today runs her own office. “I was quite good as a broker, sold the most at the office and wanted to go on career. At the same time, I wanted to stay at the agency. So the decision to become a franchisee came quite naturally”, says Kerstin.
“Now we dare to bet and try new things in a completely different way than four years ago. We use our size, drive the market and create trends instead of following them. “The opportunity to constantly develop has been central to Kerstin and her choice of workplace.
“The franchisee training became a way for me to move on in my career without changing jobs. I’d honestly thought to change the chain otherwise, “says Kerstin.
In her new life as a franchisee, she feels a lot of support from the headquarters. “I have a lot of help from them, whether it involves technology and IT development or advertising campaigns. That’s why I can put the energy into what I’m good at – developing the office and the brokers who work there”. Like many other brokers Kerstin thinks much about the balance between career and leisure. She thinks it is easier to find this balance here than in many other places in the industry.
“I would say that the agency, with the help of the structure and the brand, has given me the opportunity to work smarter. I get more business and earn more money, but do not have to tear me out in total. Many brokers work hard for a few years but then they do not get any more. That’s not how it works. Here everyone is interested in having a long career “.