Is it Really Cheaper to Buy a Louis Vuitton Bag in France?

Are you part of those crazy about Louis Vuitton items, who desire to find a Louis Vuitton bags online shop while looking for ways to get cheap Louis Vuitton items? Well, if you consider yourself as one of them then this article is made for you.

There are numerous people scattered around the globe who are passionate about Louis Vuitton items and the majority of them wants a proper answer to this question “will I get a cheaper product if I buy this product in Paris or other European cities”. Well, Paris can be regarded as the home of Louis Vuitton; even you will see the “Make in France” tags inscribed on it. And since all these items are designed in France and exported to other countries, it gives an impression that it is very costly if you purchase a Louis Vuitton item outside France. However, this fact is not completely true. Most of the products have a market-controlled price and tend to maintain its uniqueness and originality. The designers of this product are not willing to produce the bags in bulk; that is the reason each visitors are permitted to purchase a limited quantity of bags.

Therefore, the definite saving you get when you purchase this item in Paris or other European cities is the VAT refund, for instance in France the Louis Vuitton falls within the range of 10-12%.

So if you plan to visit Paris and use that opportunity to shop for Louis Vuitton products from there; listed below are some guidelines to assist you.

Endeavour to find out the VAT refund of every European country. Always keep it in mind that you will get the complete refund and you also have to pay for processing charges.

Endeavour to find out the exchange rates if your desired location is London; compare their local currency with Pounds and Euro.

The best thing to do in order to make the right purchase is to pay in cash instead of using credit cards. This is because credit cards have poor exchange rates and you will also pay for administrative fees.