How to Use the Chalk Cheese Board

In order to satisfy your guests and make them feel comfortable, it is appropriate to serve them appetizers like cheese and crackers, but if you are unable to make a good choice, then DIY chalk cheese board is a wonderful way to get the identity and name of each product being served.

Since appetizers consist majorly of numerous bite-sized food products, guests might not be able to identify each item. That is the reason why you need to get a cheese board or platter that you can easily utilize chalk to put down the names and descriptions making the whole experience exciting and more convenient. This tool simply requires a few materials like pine wood, chalkboard paint, mineral oil and a few carving tools, this DIY cheese platter will help add some customized touches to complement your kitchen décor.

How much to buy

Select your desired quantity of cheese based on the number of guests you are expecting:

  • Lesser than six people – select about three various kinds of cheese
  • Above six people – select at least five various kinds of cheese

Make it Diverse

There are nine varieties of cheese, with each having their own distinctive properties. Endeavour to find out the different categories. The best thing to do is to select one cheese from the same variety so that your visitors can try different varieties with different tastes and compositions. This will enable your visitors to enjoy numerous items available thereby providing satisfaction.

Select Different Types

There are three various kinds of cheese to select from, with each having a particular flavor profile.

  • Cow – has a mild flavor, but can come in different forms; creamy, sweet, hard or salty
  • Sheep – has a slightly sweeter taste
  • Goat – has a slight slow taste but with a characteristic aroma

Get Colorful

Endeavor to consider the designs and color pattern. You enhance the presentation by having several patterns of color on your board.

Start Pairing

The cheese shouldn’t be the only item on the cheeseboard. Other items can be included on the cheeseboards which give the guests different options to choose from.