Evaluating Color Variations of Reaction Injection Molding Products

For the past 50 years, many people have been using the reaction injection molding technique in the US, and they prefer the RIM due to the machine tooling and the capability to combine RIM custom colors. When Otto Bayer discovered the process of producing polyurethanes, the reaction injection molding definition of manufacturing molded components changed. There has been the availability of matched colors over the years, although due to advancement in technologies and other specialized techniques, it has helped refine the process.

It is appropriate that you consider the Reaction injection molding (RIM) custom designs when shopping for the specialized RIM items. Due to the fact that some manufacturers have the capabilities to form a good color combo, it is wise to check if the custom wheel chocks match the design of the utility business, medical or mining industry, or certain items for an automotive company. Even if you didn’t order for these specialty products, you have the chance to order for a RIM custom color instead of ordering for the RIM products to be delivered in a standard color.

Basic RIM Colors

No matter the kind of reaction injection molding used whether, with extreme or low pressure to harden a product, it always comes in basic colors like red, yellow, blue and black. Some RIM users bought the components with the incorporation of “first string color” before the mixing takes place. Though this works for numerous RIM product applications, the incorporation of custom color would not affect the price rate or cause it to increase, so it is great to opt for a reaction injection molding custom color.

Custom Color Needs

Other users make use of the component parts of a polyisocyanate together with a mixture of resin and then blend the color at the mix head, also referred as the third string. Due to the way of combining color on the third string, it results in more specific and precise color match. Furthermore, with the addition of color at the third string, it produces more effective and faster cleaning process, which in turn saves the designer and the buyer time and money.