We have the same goals today

As when the then founders of our agency started in 1996: To be the best in the country in a commercial and professional way to both buyers and sellers. 21 years ago, it was about arranging an unregulated market; today, it is about offering the best possible business based on our customers’ increasing requirements and needs. An idea that many have appreciated over the years. Even if today we contributed to the selling of about a quarter of the country’s residential sales, we have no interest in settling down, being constantly developing is an obvious part of working at our agency. That attitude is based on our vision: “We want to be the most recommended company in the country. We put the recommendation at the center because it is the ultimate proof that the customer experienced something positive.”

Our agency, is one of the leading companies in the real estate market of the country.


professionals with years of experience in real estate, able to solve problems as realtor (search and offer real estate), and legal areas (verification of documents, preparation of pre-sale documents, after-sales support).
The team of specialists provides not only services in the acquisition and sale of real estate, but also in matters of: lending, investment, analysis and forecasting of residential and commercial projects, and other legal issues. Being able to solve operatively and qualitatively the issues and tasks of clients, the company’s employees have already gained considerable authority among our clients.
Our agency’s office is equipped with all necessary technical support and materials for high-quality work with clients. In the office our client has the opportunity to get acquainted with real estate objects on the basis of available photographic materials, layouts, technical and legal documentation, which, first of all, saves time, narrows the circle of searching for the desired real estate object.

After choosing the property you like, it is possible in the office of the company to legally competently execute all contractual obligations and relations between the participants in the process.
The range of services provided by our company, according to your order, can be much broader than can be offered by a regular real estate agency, as we closely interact with various public and private organizations whose activities are somehow connected with real estate.
The growth in the number of regular customers who repeatedly turn to our company for the provision of services demonstrates the high professionalism and quality of the services provided, as well as the unique capabilities of our specialists.
We invite you to fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation with specialists