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Property price index

Welcome to the Real estate price index web page. This page contains detailed information about the trends in real estate prices on the Croatian market since May 2006.

The CentarNekretnina website publishes the Price index every month. The Index is based on the largest monthly sample of current real estate asking prices in Croatia. The Index tracks changes on a monthly basis and provides comprehensive insight into the current state of the real estate market in Croatia. CentarNekretnina only takes into consideration the real estate for which the price was clearly marked in real estate ads published on the CentarNekretnina.net website in the current month.

The Index is based on real estate asking prices. The advantage of this way of calculating is the availability of a much bigger sample than if alternate methods were to be used. Although it would be wrong to make conclusions about the actual price of a square meter based on the asking price, the fact still remains that the asking prices and realized prices change in the same manner, and that the most popular indexes in the world make calculations this way.