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Terms and conditions of use for the CentarNekretnina web site

Item 1


The web site CentarNekretnina ("CentarNekretnina") is owned by the company Tau on-line Ltd ("Tau on-line"). All the terms and conditions of use mentioned here, as well as all valid and applicable laws, apply during the use of CentarNekretnina. CentarNekretnina reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use at any time without prior announcement. The changes enter into force at the moment of their release.

Item 2

Use and protection of information

When using CentarNekretnina, you are obliged to ensure that the information you give out is complete, truthful and accurate. CentarNekretnina does everything to protect the privacy of the advertisers' personal data in terms of the Personal Data Protection Law, and the information provided will only be used for the purpose of providing a connection advertisers and users.

By using CentarNekretnina you agree that the data/information you submit will be made available to those interested in them, in accordance with the terms and conditions of use. The advertiser agrees that his/her e-mail address can be used by CentarNekretnina to send notifications about the status of submitted ads, to deliver receipts for any use of advanced services, and to send other types of information related to advertising itself or, particularly, how the advertisement submitted by the advertiser is handled.

Item 3


The data on CentarNekretnina.net is protected by copyright law. Copyright pertaining to CentarNekretnina.net includes texts, their design, image content and other graphic displays that belong to CentarNekretnina. It also includes the permit of the service provider and/or advertisers. This data can only be used in the manner specified in these terms and conditions of use. By using data for other purposes, as well as copying and distributing the data without permission, you are breaking copyright law and are subject to sanctions. CentarNekretnina.net is exempt from responsibility and/or participation in possible disputes connected to copyright violation of advertisers on CentarNekretnina.net.

Item 4

Exclusion from use, compensation

CentarNekretnina reserves the right to ban from the site those users who in any way violate the terms and conditions of use, hinder the functioning of the site, or abuse the rights of advertisers and users. CentarNekretnina reserves the right to ban from the site those users who abuse the information published on the site or use this information without authorization, especially in terms of:
•  copying the content published on CentarNekretnina and publication of this content in/on another medium of advertising
•  lobbying with advertisers on CentarNekretnina to advertise on other sites or other types of advertising, by contacting them in any way or offering them their services.

CentarNekretnina, along with the exclusion of such users, may require compensation for the resulting damage or lost profits

Item 5


CentarNekretnina does not guarantee:
•  accuracy, completeness and authenticity of ads or text in them, nor does it guarantee quality, safety and legality of offered products and services
•  jurisdiction of the other party in concluding the agreement; correctness, completeness and accuracy of the personal data of advertisers
•  that the site will not contain errors and/or that it will function without interruption at all times
•  that a third party will legally use the site CentarNekretnina at all times.

Item 6


CentarNekretnina.net, to the maximum accountability allowed by law, exempts itself from any damage, loss or injury that may arise directly or indirectly because of:
•  the use of the CentarNekretnina.net web site
•  the use of any web sites that CentarNekretina.net links to
•  the information on the CentarNekretnina.net web site
•  the procedures that were taken or not taken in relation to the information on the CentarNekretnina.net web site
•  the use, the inability to use. or misuse of any of the above

CentarNekretnina.net cannot bear any responsibility for any content displayed on the pages of third parties to which it can allow temporary access. Any such access cannot be interpreted as being connected with CentarNekretnina.net, or of such sites being supported by CentarNekretnina.net.

CentarNekretnina may contain links to other sites, but it is not responsible for the products or services which have been reached in this way with the help of CentarNekretnina.net.

Item 7


When submitting a listing to CentarNekretnina, the advertiser gives CentarNekretnina the right to send out information relating to the product. It is strictly forbidden to submit a listing to CentarNekretnina in any way other than the one provided by CentarNekretnina. CentarNekretnina strives to offer quality service to its users, which is why it reserves the right to edit, change or delete any listings that do not meet its criteria, especially in the following cases:
•  when an advertisement is placed in the wrong section
•  when the product description and/or price in the advertisement is false and/or incomplete
•  when the product and/or advertiser violates copyright and/or other intellectual property rights
•  when a product may cause damage to and/or in any way infringe the intellectual property rights of another
•  when the product and/or the content of the advertisement contains discriminating aspects, or materials that are prohibited or considered illegal by Croatian law
•  when an advertisement contains more products or services
•  when the advertisement is in any sense offensive towards CentarNekretnina
•  when an advertisement is questionable in terms of advertising stolen or illegal goods
•  when the goal of the advertisement is to promote a company, directly or indirectly
•  in the case of a double advertisement (an advertisement published several times, advertising the same property under slightly modified conditions such as price, m2...)
•  when an advertisement in any way impairs the quality of content

Item 8

Amount of active advertisements

An individual can have up to 2 active advertisements.

Legal entities (real estate agencies) with Standard membership can have up to 30 active advertisements.

Legal entities (real estate agencies) with Premium membership can have up to 150 active advertisements.

Item 9


All the requirements and disputes that could result from the use of the material concerned fall under the jurisdiction of the Court in Zagreb.

Zagreb, February 2007

These terms and the content of this page are subject to copyright law. Tau on-line Ltd All rights reserved.