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Why to advertise on CentarNekretnina?

Our services are based on a simple offer - we operate as a medium between one thousand active buyers of real estate and more than a hundred real estate and investors who are interested in real estate. Our goal is to offer the highest quality ad space for your estate while providing value for money.

There are many reasons why to advertise on CentarNekretnina, here are the most important:

•  To reach the largest number of potential customers - CentarNekretnina is the most visited website for real estate in Croatia
•  Value for money advertising - cost of advertising on CentarNekretnina several times lower than the cost of advertising in the print Classifieds for Real Estate
•  Ease of use - 5 minutes are enough to register on CentarNekretnina and to place an ad for real estate
•  Transparent advertising results - visitors can see your ads at any time
•  Customer support - after registration every client is assigned with an adviser who leads him throughout the period of advertising on CentarNekretnina

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