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Why is it important to use the services of a real estate agency?

If you are selling, buying or renting property, we advise you to contact a real estate agency for help.


•  Agencies are always well-informed about changes in legislation.
•  Agencies have insight into the changes and prices on the real estate market, and are well-informed about how "attractive" a certain location is.
•  Agencies can determine a realistic price, but also get a very good price at which you can sell or buy real estate.
•  Agencies can help obtain financial resources needed to buy real estate.
•  Agencies are able to draft a standard purchase contract since such contracts are part of their daily activities.
•  Agencies are able to sell real estate at the best possible price and in as short as possible time period since they collaborate with other real estate agencies and have a list of potential buyers.
•  Agencies have complete information about the documents needed to complete real estate transactions.

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BI-LANX Nekretnine - OTOK KRK

BI-LANX Nekretnine - OTOK KRK
Address Crikvenička 3, 51500 Krk
Phone 00385 (0)98 162 5533
Mobile phone 00385 (0)98 162 5533; 00385 (0)98 327 345
Fax 00385 (0)51 221 370
E-mail nenad.mrvos@ri.htnet.hr
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Agencies found: 1.

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