Getting the highest possible price for your home is the obvious goal of a sale, but how do you best get there? Our sales brokers help you through the entire deal. Everything from valuation and display, how you are included in the bidding, and what responsibilities you have as a seller. Good luck!

Getting Started

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What is my residence worth? There are several ways to find out how housing in your environment is valued. Asking a broker is usually both fastest and easiest. Looking at similar homes sold in the area and watching the final price can give you a clue about your property’s value. Asking neighbors and acquaintances that sell can also provide a good fingernail. But to get a real idea about the value of your home, it’s easiest to talk to a broker. Our real estate agency has experts in your area that can offer services that will quickly help you to get a realistic picture of how much you can get. We offer, among other things, a service that keeps you updated on what others in your area have recently sold. Once you feel it’s time to sell, contact us and we’ll help you with a free evaluation!

Hire a broker

What can the broker help me with? Normally, along with a broker comes an evaluation, display and bidding. But we can help you with much more than that. Once you have decided to hire a broker, a brokerage agreement is signed. After that, the broker can assist you with all possible questions such as evaluation, housing cost estimates and legal issues related to sales. All important documents that you have regarding the property can be helpful: purchase contracts, plans drawings, summary of operating expenses and anything else that is needed in order to get your propriety ready for selling.

To Market

How should my home be marketed? There are many ways to attract interested people to a view. We promise to do everything possible so as many as possible find your home. To begin with, all our homes are matched to our large register and are advertised online on our website and on all other platforms that we can. Your accommodation can also be advertised in daily press and local newspapers, as well as in the signage windows, but only if you agree to this. In order to increase the chances of successful business, we recommend that you sign up for our services. An inspection of the accommodation will be made and you will receive insurance against hidden errors. Your housing ad is then marketed with the stamp “Inspected”.


When you are selling your accommodation, you want to avoid doubts and hassles. Therefore, we recommend a professional inspection before you sell, then your home business will be safer both for you to sell and for the buyer. And if you are uncertain about the size of the apartment, you should also complete the survey with a professional survey.

Review of the apartment

During inspection, all rooms and kitchens are checked. The inspector also inspects connections to dishwashers, washing machines and all other visible pipelines to detect signs of leakage. The result is then compiled in a clear and clear inspection protocol available during the display.

Professional inspection

All inspections are carried out by a professional inspector from our agency who carefully reviews the entire dwelling, checking for any the risk, including of water damage. Water damage is the most common damage in apartments. The statistics show that every 5th home ownership is at high risk of injury and that every 20th has already water damage. Doing a professional inspection on time increases the chances of being able to limit both the damage and the damage cost.


How do I get most of the view? You only get a chance to get a good first impression on a buyer. Therefore, there is a lot to consider before showing the apartment, the house or the summer residence. As a sales person, you can make many simple efforts that make a difference in how your home is experienced. Everything from cleaning and picking up to paint or a proper home-styling. We are happy to help you with the show, in addition to attracting as many viewers as possible. If you prefer to prepare the view yourself, we have completed checklists that may be helpful. When it is time for viewing, the broker is responsible for ensuring that all relevant material is in place. Sometimes, we also have a bank contact from one of our partner banks that can help anyone who wants to talk about financing and loan promise directly on-site.


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